Punta Ballena is ten to fifteen miles outside of Punta Del Este.

The bus lets you off by a worn out spot on the highway’s shoulder and the driver points you across the highway towards an uphill winding road overlooking the ocean.

That road, if you follow it without deviation, takes you past elegant homes and condo communities. If you imagine your right hand being extended, the end of your longest finger is the furtherest point of Punta Ballena where cars and people have to turn around and go back. If you follow your forefinger back, and go around and up your thumb all the way to the tip, you have Punta Del Este. In between the tips of the two fingers is water, beaches and grasslands being developed for new home sites.

This is my first visit here.

Before, on the bus ride from Montevideo to Punta Del Este, I saw this view and wondered what people did in Uruguay to be able to make the money needed to live here? The reality is that many who live here bring money with them.The rich have play places all over the world.

It is understandable that nearly all the land with a view of the water has been sold and has a house on it. Across the street, in beautiful wooded, open areas, are Se Vende signs with phone numbers. There isn’t a hundred yards difference between the two pieces of land, but view adds up to extra  millions of dollars in value.

If you have money, you don’t want to walk across the street to see the ocean.

If you have money, you think about things like this.

These two lovebirds, by our standards on the cost of an ocean view, from their front porch, are richer than all of us put together.


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