Punta Del Este, moving into tourist season, is a movie set waiting for a movie.

It is hard to find fault with beach towns full of light, openness, a relaxed attitude and water in every direction, at the end of every street. This morning a few souls are on a little beach at the end of the street from Hotel Playa. The beach is named Emir Playa after a local family.

In Montevideo, streets are narrow and buildings tower like giants looking down shaking their fingers at those of us who dare to move without the proper password. Here, I can breath.

This place is well promoted to travelers and ex-pats from the U.S., Canada, and Europe and I’m going to do well here. 

Going from the big city to the beach feels like ditching a heavy jacket and changing into a pair of swim trunks.

This is a reputed playground for the rich and well connected but the season hasn’t started yet and I’m one of the few out walking today.

Whether I will be viewed by others on the street, as rich and famous, is unlikely? How do you tell a person is rich by looking at them, and what makes rich? 

I expect to be seen as a senior traveler, healthy enough to walk, not on any schedule, with time to invest where i choose.

How people see us, strangely enough, is quite often how we are.






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