“We were in the eighties last week,” Jesper tells me, pouring us a Monday afternoon cup of coffee at his desk in a  Ciudad Vieja office close to the Port. He talks about the old city versus the new city, how he and his wife are now moving into commercial sales in addition to property management.The studio where I stay for this journey is owned by one of his clients and Jesper manages it as a favor. The old city of Montevideo, he says, is a hub of economic activity, a place where ships bring goods, government buildings abound, museums are on most every street and lawyers, accountants and young professionals snap up every place that is renovated. This Port area has been neglected but his investment group is bringing people and business back to the neighborhood. “I am from Denmark,” he continues, “and my wife is from Argentina. She is in New York on business …” The office is spacious. There is art on the wall and Gabriella told me, when I walked in, in English and Spanish and hand gestures,that a woman will be in to clean my rented studio on Friday, the 7th. I pay my rent and settle in for this piece of my journey, get a receipt, and catch my bearings. Travelling and weather hold hands like high school sweethearts. ” Call me if you have any problems, ” my new landlord says. I leave feeling like he really means it.  
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