In the downtown historical district of Truth or Consequences, hot springs bubble to the surface. In old days dusty cowboys would hang their chaps on mesquite branches and swap stories with Indians who hung their moccasins on adjacent branches to look like rabbit ears. In newer days, hotels have been built above the springs and guests soak in claw foot tubs to their heart’s content. The only admonishments to guests at River bend are not to indulge in drugs and/or alcohol, limit the time of your soak, keep hydrated, call for help if needed. River Bend Hot Springs is well maintained and now you hang your chaps on hooks inside private soaking enclosures. For social folks, there is a public soaking pool just outside the office. Looking out from my Tierra private soak, the Rio Grande meanders, not in any hurry to get to Juarez.  Each time here, there are more amenities. Jake, as one of his worker’s admits, ” does a damn good job of fixing things and making the place better. ” When I lived here I visited two times a week. Now, two times a year has to do. Hot water soaks seems to often straighten out my bumpy thinking. A good placebo usually beats bitter medicine every day of the week.  
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