Checklist traveling has advantages. You go to guidebooks, visit sites and attractions, book  tours with an English speaking guide, get familiar with places deemed newsworthy by those in the know. You see five to seven points of interest, stop and walk, listen to an oral history given by your guide, get picked up at your hotel and dropped off. You don’t worry about driving, parking, fees. Often, you find places you want to return to on your own time. One of the stops on this city tour is the Costa Rican National Theater that was built by coffee growers in Costa Rica in the 1800’s to showcase their progressive country. Coffee has been the heart of this economy,forever, but it now shares importance with tech, banking and tourism. It takes more cards than one to make a good poker hand and most successful people and countries have more than one revenue stream. An expedition moment that stands out is a young man holding an umbrella over his significant other’s head while she checks her cell phone in the rain. Which sex is boss is a question with plenty of wiggle . Looking back, as we turn a corner and head for the next tour attraction,I see the young man still holding her umbrella, patiently, gently. Men talk to their stockbrokers. Women talk to their hairdressers. Patience is a good quality to have when there are women in your life.
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