Lunch is hours away but a foreman is already buying food for his troops before it rolls around A sale unfolds as I stand on the sidewalk in front of a construction site and watch sandwiches and sweets go into a five gallon bucket. A stooped figure is retrieving orders from shelves in the back of a little van and the subs he pulls out look big to me.  “What you got in there? ” The young man, bearded, points at two front rows of sub sandwiches, and a back row of desserts. “Did you make them,” I ask? “No, I have a supplier.” “How much for the big subs?” “In U.S. dollars, six.” “What’s your name?” “Edgardo.” We shake and make a sandwich deal for tomorrow morning same time, same place since I didn’t bring any money on this stroll. He wants to give me a sandwich now and I pay tomorrow but I don’t want to do that because there is lots of static that can get between now and tomorrow. It is nice that he trusts me enough to make such an offer. I don’t see a permit but I don’t need one because his business is popular, and, for that reason alone, advertises itself. Helping local small business guys is high on my list of things to do, even when I’m traveling. . When I work construction I eat out of concession trucks when they are close by at home. I can’t make this sandwich for what he sell’s them for, and, even if I bought from his supplier, I’d have to walk there and convince them to sell to me. Paying people for their time and money is never a bad idea. I appreciate being paid for my knowledge, skills, and service too.  
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