Cars go until they don’t go. They are traded when they start to cost more than they are worth. My Prius, an experiment in high tech, is gone. When electronic systems start to malfunction you have to step back and decide how much you like the idea of forty five miles per gallon in town.  Adding the cost of maintenance and repairs, it  makes sense to step down to an old fashioned gas engine that gets thirty miles a gallon but can be repaired and maintained by most mechanics with wrenches and good diagnostic instruments. My Yaris has a fancy name but it is just an inexpensive compact car. Loosely named after a Greek Goddess of grace, Charis, this little transportation car is more down to Earth than it’s name implies. With its modest price, it is never going to be mistaken for luxury. A four banger with automatic transmission, it has good styling, a big trunk, a cracked windshield that is part of an” as is ” sale, four doors and a mediocre sound system. Our car relationships can be tenuous. Not marrying or sleeping with our cars gives them a very short shelf life. People tolerate performance issues with spouses much longer than their vehicles. Me and my Yaris are doing okay thus far. If cars could trade us in I would really start to worry.  
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