The sky is burning and, if it wasn’t, there would be no reason to snap this photo. Joan, Neal’s wife, and the rest of us, all stare as we all walk towards the Shrimp Haus, a South Padre Island restaurant that features shrimp, shrimp, and more shrimp – boiled, breaded, fried, cooked or uncooked with salad bar and side orders of fries, potato salad or cole slaw. The sky’s colors look like Matzatlan sunsets, sunrise in Ambergris Caye, the sun sinking in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas. For a moment it seems the clouds are waves and the entire world has turned upside down with the top becoming the bottom and the bottom becoming the top. Palm trees, that the wind shakes, are cheerleader’s pom poms at this heavenly football game.. Mother Nature waves her flag and is impossible to ignore, diminish, or trump. Tomorrow morning, we will be presented a different light show. Sunrise and sunset are bookmarks in nature’s novel. Being together is a good thing.  
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