Some of the grandest moments on a trip to the ocean are when you wake up and when you go to bed. First thing in the morning the sun pushes itself up onto its throne and has its cleaning staff sweep away darkness with stiff brushed brooms. Last thing in the evening the sun falls tired under the waves like a huge prehistoric creature grabbing one last breath before diving to the deep. You walk the beach and see clouds tinted with reds and yellows and pinks. The sand and water meet like opposing armies and you can look far to the horizon where sky dissolves into water. On a morning or evening walk, you feel  breezes tug at your shirt sleeves and sand grabs your toes. Sleeping on the hotel balcony with a blanket and a pillow for my head, sunrise and sunset are always welcome. Waves roll in and out like drum rolls and it is okay to be insignificant.  
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