Five o’ clock a.m. comes early and us boys head to the McDonalds at Lomas and Juan Tabo in Albuquerque most every morning of the week. Some of us read the newspaper, others do crosswords, some eat, most drink coffee, most tell jokes that are occasionally funny, and I catch up on travel posts. Art and Robert are looking up the age of Martina Navratilova for a newspaper brain challenge while John waits for an answer to his latest question. J,B, buys coffee and Claudia serves up another morning like the last. Mario and Sid will come in around six thirty. Having coffee every morning, at the same time and place, with the same people, gives me the feeling that the world is stable. Claudia gets paid to be here, and, bless her heart, she puts up with us. By tonight we more than likely won’t know much more than we think we already know. If we could find cheaper coffee and a place closer to our homes, we would probably go there. At a certain age, compromise is what you settle with.  
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