A small bookcase in the Cafe de Arte, in Granada, has books for visitors who like to read. It is unknown whether these books come from the owner’s library, were donated by friends and patrons, or are part of a take one, bring one system. Readers these days are becoming scarce with humans preferring to surf the web – an almost unlimited bookcase of ideas, images, sales pitches, entertainments, propaganda, lies, and sordid truth. You can see and read more on the internet in a night than you can see or read in a lifetime of going to bookstores and libraries.  In this little bookcase is a tome on weight loss, an obsession in industrialized countries where people work less, sit more, and want to look pretty from every angle. There is a book by Rachel Cohn , ” Cupcakes, ” that follows girls having good fun and good sex. There is a choice for Believers on Landmines that keep them backsliding. There is a crime novel by Walter Mosely with a $1.00 sticker from a Dollar Days sale which tells me crime doesn’t pay. I  find poems by Ruben Darios, a Nicaraguan poet whose bust is on the Calle De Calzada by Lake Nicaragua. You would think there might be a Louie L’Amour western, something by Hemingway, a book on surviving the pending economic collapse? While the reading here is girly, coffee and words go together, and reading doesn’t cost you anything but your time. As an English major, browsing books is a habit worse than cigarettes.  
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