“Why is Yoga so popular, ” I ask? ” Tulum”, Angelique smiles,” is an old hippie colony – it grows out of that. People want to feel good. ” There is plenty of feel good here with a huge European presence. In the morning a large group of Europeans sits at a big table at the Canopi restaurant and talk in foreign languages, eat healthy, dress in flowing garments for the girls and shorts for the boys. By nine o clock most will be seated on mats on a wood floor in an open thatched roof room, assuming positions that stretch the body, holding those special hard to hold positions for excruciating minutes. Along the main thoroughfare are signs for hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, renting bicycles, buying juice, shopping for land from Mr. Tulum, eating Vegan, There are words of advice and scheduled times for finding your inner person. It brings back memories of Akbol in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. ” You’ll never forget this chair….. ” ” Be easy on yourself….. ” ” The first day of the rest of your life…. ” ” Fresh lobster….. ” ” Free Corona…..” This is not a cheap place to be when you need water, a hot bath, internet, good food, fine wine and entertainment.Tapping into your inner person is best done when you have a stack of hundred’s in your wallet and a high credit limit. Chasing Zen masters is sought these days mostly by people of substance.  
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