On the average, Albuquerque sees the sun 280 days a year.The U.S. average is 205 days. This morning the Sandia Mountains are hidden behind low lying clouds and visibility is limited. The clouds have no substance yet they hide the towering rugged peaks on our city’s east side. If you ask Albuquerque people what they like about the city, most will say, most often, ” the weather.” Now that weather, however, has been ” politicized” it is much more difficult to navigate in conversations. We old crazies, at McDonalds, have debates about “Climate Change” and whether man is big enough to have such an influence. This morning, the sun is on vacation and wisps of clouds have draped themselves over the mountains like your favorite beach blanket. The weather man, on TV, will call it ” a cloudy day” with no wind, with a thirty percent chance of seeing the sun in the afternoon. Walking the trail, I tuck up inside my jacket a little more. We can talk about weather all we like, but we get what we like and don’t like of it on a regular basis, no matter what climate theories we buy into.
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