These two couples, just married, are getting their wedding photos taken in Parque Calderone. When I first see them they have, with them, a young bearded tenor sax player playing ” Here comes the Bride ” on a street corner. Their little photographer is contorted to get the right angle for his shots, the young women are smiling and laughing. Their new husbands look bemused and eager to please. The entourage crosses the street, the ladies lifting white gowns so they won’t get them dirty, They take more photos by the spot where I witnessed official ceremonies celebrating ex pats, good business prospects, and a new transport system. The last wedding I happened upon was in Montevideo, Uruguay on Sarandi Street. This is just as memorable. Everyone is happy, and, if they stay that way, they will be together when they are old. They are, as a friend once told me, about rapping his knuckles on stones on a square in Russia, ” Marking the Moment. ”  
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