As man’s best friend, and women’s cuddle master, dogs are seen in Punta Del Este, as they are seen everywhere.

They are not running wild as in Ciudad Vieja. There have been no dog whisperers, as in Montevideo, but dogs are where their masters are. Dog lovers know that their dogs are worth buying a steak for, grilling it, and cutting it up in nice little bites for them, just the way they like it.

There is just something  special about having an associate that doesn’t question, doesn’t fight, doesn’t judge, and barks at the people you don’t like either.

This poodle is comfortable and doesn’t bark as I snap a quick picture. Self assured, she maintains her regal composure and gives me only the slightest notice. Up on her comfortable throne, she has a wide open view of her street.

To be treated in the manner to which you are entitled is every dog’s mission in life. But the first rule, in a dog’s Bible, is get a good owner.

Once you have that you can fix them the way you like them.

 It takes a little work, but it is nothing dogs haven’t been doing for thousands of years.

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