At the end of the day, photos are sifted and sorted, evaluated, approved, or deleted. You take as many photos as possible on trips because you know not all things you shoot are going to work. It takes only a quick point, shoot, then you put the camera back into your pocket, as you walk.There is nothing complicated about snapping a photo. Sometimes, you look at the camera roll and find something serendipitous. You either see something in a photo you didn’t see when you first shot it, or, you see a mistake that interests you. It wasn’t planned, but it tweaks interest. This photo is one of these second types. This odd photo is of me and my shadow. Sometimes I don’t know where my shadow is, but most bright days, when I turn, just so, Mr. Shadow is right with me. There used to be an old vaudeville song called “Me and My Shadow.” The entertainer would strut across the stage, looking over his shoulder, trying to catch his shadow catching him. It was a catchy Tin Pan Alley song and a catchy show stopper. People loved it. The only reason I remember is the performer played clarinet, and I play clarinet. The vaudeville entertainer was Ted Lewis.  You can Google ” Me and My Shadow ” and catch his thing on You Tube.  A reviewer of the Ted Lewis clarinet playing called it, ” The last anguish of a dying dog. ” He might have been too kind.  
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