The main water supply line from the street to the house is accessible from the sidewalk in front of the house. You lift a little metal door and are faced with a coupling that joins the city part of the water line with the homeowners part of the water line. The meeting of any two entities is a point of friction, a point of weakness, a point of leakage.

This plumber has removed the old connection, a rigid piece of PVC, and replaced it with a flexible, expandable, PVC coupling. Each end of the coupling slips over the pipe that goes from the street to the junction box and the junction box to the house. Where the PVC slips over the pipe is wrapped with a strip of rubber and then tied off.

This plumber has an audience with the lady of the house looking on through her wrought iron front door, a neighbor supervising and me watching him do it.

Water continues to run as he works, bubbling on to the sidewalk and into the street gutters.

When he is done there are no leaks, no problems.

When he closes the little door, he might be the only one in this entire city to solve a problem today.


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