Paying high prices for food, that no one but tourists can afford, is not our idea of travel. Our idea at Scotttreks is to find healthy, well prepared food,served in good surroundings, where locals eat, for local prices.

This neighborhood cafe is a six minute walk from the La Puerta Roja Guest House.

At the intersection of Calle Santome and Jose Gabriel Garcia, this neighborhood eatery has no flashing lights, not even a sign on the outside of the building to identify it. I didn’t know it was alive until I looked inside open doors and saw people eating, spotted the sign above the cash register, saw that Google maps said I had arrived by flashing me an arrow.

Next trip back I’ll try some of the potato dishes, cole slaw, beef, plantain, and other Dominican Republic specialties.  This trip I’m sticking with rice, chicken and okra cooked like my Dad liked it.

There are all ages here today, from working men, to kids and families, to men in suits with their wives, or at least I hope they are their wives.

To my south is George Washington Avenue that runs along the water south of the Zona Colonia and is one of the toughest streets to cross in the world because there are no stop lights and I don’t trust people to stop for me in the walkways. Video games are changing people’s contact with reality and they might run me over for points. . No way am I going to step out and hope traffic yields to me.

The Caribbean water sparkles in this afternoon sun and the palm trees remind me of Los Angeles, Padre Island and Belize.

After a number of trips, places start to cluster together, similarities become more clear, and differences become obvious.

I have my favorite places.

Most of them are warm, by an ocean, and in the Caribbean.


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