Airports are transitional.

In airports we are moving to someplace new or returning to someplace familiar. We are waiting interminable hours then squeezing into machines called airplanes that take us 35,000 miles above the Earth and let us watch movies. We are victims of delays, layovers, plane cancellations, huge trauma lines in Customs, paperwork and pat downs, x rays and questions about who we are, where we are going. For some, these indignities are normal. For others, they are not normal.

In some countries of the world, people see their government flying overhead in planes filled with armed soldiers. They hear the whistle of rockets and buildings on their street blown up. In some countries, soldiers walk streets with weapons and communicators, stop people and check  ID’s and take people away if they don’t like their answers. In some countries, people are detained for being troublemakers and never seen again. In some countries, citizens are graded by their government according to their group participation, lack of negative comments about the government, and tendencies to go along with the group.

This trip, authorities with TSA, in Newerk, confiscate a small bottle of flavored rum that Scott is taking home to enjoy. The size of the bottle, according to the TSA limit, is “over the limit. ”

Are we to a point in this USA that the government has to be concerned about a small bottle of rum brought back to the country by a citizen for personal use? Is this micromanagement necessary, or even healthy? Is all this intrusion making us safer, or, just getting us ready for other changes we are going to like even less?

Scotttreks likes flowers and singing birds and walking and taking pictures, but, this doesn’t mean we aren’t watching other things too.

This trip is over, and, I hope, another is quickly on the way.

Even without my rum, which the TSA agents have already enjoyed, staying healthy and traveling is the Doctor’s best prescription.


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