Across from Billini plaza is a well to do man’s home of the nineteen hundreds.

The home, which I am shown through, is several hundred years older than the Alcazar de Don Colon and several hundred years behind homes you find now in the Zona Colonia with modern refrigerated air, jacuzzi’s, fancy kitchens and garages. In another two hundred years, the homes of the future will be with us and who knows what rich people will demand that might filter down to the rest of us.

The layouts of the houses of the future will be designed for what we do, having multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, kid’s rooms, family rooms, guestrooms, front and back yards, temperature control, plumbing and electrical, sewer, and great kitchens. The furnishings will be different but still have to fit the human body. Luxuries will be deeper, insulating us from weather and the world behind security doors.

The Zona Colonia transports us back to earlier times and works on me slowly, gradually moves me to slow down, realize that people were happy in the nineteen hundreds too, even without all the fancies we now have.

Today, I board a plane and return to the twenty first century in a different country on the globe, to the high desert, to a house of my own, superior to any of these old dwellings.

The future is already here, even if I only see glimpses of it.

Things, at the moment, are looking pretty feudal.


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