Sometimes you just don’t know what you are missing till you try something else.

Pat has been persistently trying to move Scott to a DSLR for several years. ” I Phone cameras are good for what they are, ” he has always maintained, ” but cell phones make telephone calls and get you on the net.  If you want good pictures you got to get better equipment. ”

My DSLR stuff has been collecting dust, but, on this trip, Scott has taken his Nikon DSLR out of its case and taken a few photos.

The entire process is like discovering that you can eat soup with a fork, if you like, but it is easier and less messy to use a spoon. 

So, here are a few photos taken with the Nikon.

I like them and hope Pat likes them too.

Next trip, there will be substantially more of them.

However, I’m not ready to toss out my fork.


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