The last police band we saw was in Cuenca, Ecuador at a celebration for ex-pats and foreign business development in Ecuador. This Santo Domingo event is to support women and fight domestic violence. This police band provides entertainment as part of their  official duties. There are uniformed officers near all the tourist destinations in the ” old City.”. and, except for getting hustled to buy things you don’t want, the Zone is safe enough to visit.

The music is contagious, in a good way.

It is good for the police to show a gentle side since most of their time is dealing with locking up family, friends, and strangers who choose not to follow rules and get caught.

It is humans who wear the guns, handcuffs, badges, and drive the official vehicles.

They can never lose their humanity no matter how much bad they have to clean up.

We just forget that when we judge them.


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