Paintings come in all sizes according to the shape of an artist’s vision. 

Many artists begin painting using small pre-stretched canvases you can buy at Hobby Lobby, then matriculate to larger sizes, stretch and staple their canvas over manufactured frames, gesso the canvas, and paint from their hearts and heads. Artists mix colors on a palette and have cans full of brushes and knives, each for a different purpose.  

When one makes big art, issues come knocking on your door.

Are walls big enough to display your compositions?

Should you put an inexpensive frame on a work you have spent hundreds of hours to complete?

Where do you store works when they outgrow your studio?

Do you have a vehicle big enough to move them?

What is the shelf life for canvas and paint and frames in a desert environment?

The creator of these works would be appreciative of my efforts. Protecting her works is a welcome duty, finding homes for them is a calling, having them near is comforting. 

Mom’s leave us with a lot.




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