The entry fee is only 100 pesos and includes a ticket and a tour guide.

This palace, set on the far side of a great square, was built in the early 1500’s for Don Colon, the son of Christopher Columbus. In succeeding years it fell into disrepair and was reconditioned by the local government.

This tour guide is included in the admission price. You put the headphones on, walk yourself through the palace at your own pace, come to a room and look for a little postcard with a number on the wall. You punch that number into your tour guide and he, . cheerfully, gives you all the information you need to take yourself back to the 1500’s when this island was claimed for the King of Spain.

These clothes, furniture, and decorations are those of the upper class, the privileged. 

Looking at what common folks have at their disposal these days is staggering.

The house, a square looking box from the outside, once had up to fifty five rooms but the bathrooms were chamber pots by the beds.

Ceilings are high and rooms were cold and dark when massive windows had to be closed due to bad weather.

Several generations of Columbus’s offspring lived here but the Palace is now a historical attraction. With my trusty tour guide, I get a quick education on the past.

There were once little kids running these halls before going to their old tutors to learn about running an empire.

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