This Palace was built as a present to the son of Christopher Columbus who raised his family here and was the Governor of the Dominican Republic when it was still controlled by Spain.

There are many rooms in the Palace since royalty had many visitors but there is no electricity, chamber pots took care of personal business, hot baths were drawn up by servants for the ladies of the house, and food spoiled quickly. Heat was generated by wood fireplaces and kitchens were located outside the home because smoke got noxious in the main house.There are no closets and you look out at vistas through openings cut into stone walls.

Walking through the casa, the huge, thick, stone walls are not cozy. The clothes displayed on mannequin’s would fit royalty, hand made with the finest cloths and craftsmanship. The figures have crosses around their necks to remind us that we are all here by the Grace of God in a temporal world.

We have our mansions these days too, homes built in Malibu, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, isolated in the Arizona deserts surrounded by thousands of acres of land to buffer the owners from civilization, at the tops of cloud touching buildings in our most populated world cities.

These mansions, old or new, are great appetizers, but the real measuring stick is seeing how the poor in a society live.

The test of a great society is seeing where it seats its most lowly citizens and whether they have enough to eat and a safe place to sleep.


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