I’m walking, minding my business, on a cloudless day. 

Water pours down like someone is pouring a bucket on me, which they are. In the Zona Colonia, water used to mop balcony floors, or spilled when watering plants, is exited through a piece of PVC stuck through a concrete wall of the balcony far enough that the water falls to the street below. Walking below, I’ve had plenty of close calls for unwanted showers.

My next precaution is to take an umbrella, come rain or come shine, as an old song sings.

If I had a plug and a ladder, I’d climb up and fix my problem and give them a well deserved back up.

All they have to do is look over and make sure no one is below before they empty their bucket.

That’s common courtesy, but, i guess, you don’t have to worry about good manners when you live on the top floor.




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