Yes, there is trash on the too narrow to walk on sidewalks. Yes, you have to watch your step because the entire neighborhood is a work in progress. Yes, people live close together with no yards,few garages, a myriad of empty buildings waiting for bank money and investors to fix them up. Yes, there is noise and congestion. Yes, this is an urban landscape with cement, tile, asphalt the main building materials.Yes, there are dogs and cats sleeping on the sidewalk. Yes,people speak a different language. Yes, getting around without a car is humbling.

On the other side of the street there is vitality and energy here. People are friendly. You see something new on every block, every corner, every intersection.

Back home my covenant controlled community has all houses virtually identical and all projects must be approved by an unseen board that sends out a newsletter to communicate, and has compliance officers making daily inspections.

I love to walk here on this ” Street of Stars ” with its noise, congestion, bright colors, energy.

One of the joys of travel is trying out how your life could be if you wanted to change. I don’t mind my street back in New Mexico but I could live on this street too, if I chose to.

There are lots of choices we have, but we don’t have them if we don’t know they are there.




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