Desert nights get cooler than desert days. In the winter, day temperatures can rise to the eighties, but, at night, they can drop to the forties. Park models have propane or electric heat and RV’s are not immune from Mother Nature’s mood swings. When the sun drops you need a jacket, a flashlight, and a heater. ” Call this number and put it where the delivery truck can see it, ” are my Tuesday morning instructions at the RV park office. I am given a four by six inch piece of orange card stock with a place to write my name, my space number, and the date of my request. ARIZONA PROPANE takes up most of the card space with barely room for their phone number and website. I call, give credit card information, get scheduled for delivery on Wednesday between eight and ten.   Wednesday morning at ten forty five, the delivery truck pulls up and its driver runs a hose to my propane tank, fills it, and writes a ticket for the minimum charge of five gallons and a five dollar service fee. The bill  is $20.00. ” That will keep you warm, ” the kid says, as he rolls his supply hose back onto a reel on the back of the company truck. From my space he pulls across the street and services a three hundred thousand dollar recreational vehicle. Being warm for twenty bucks is a bargain. Spending three hundred thousand for anything on wheels seems like a walk on the wild side.  
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