This rock, more than a stone but not a boulder, in Embudo Canyon in the Albuquerque foothills, has been moved onto the trail, by someone.

It appears it was lifted from a nearby mound of dirt on the border of the trail. Where the rock used to be, on the mound, is a small hole that matches it’s size perfectly. 

” Let’s move it back, ” Alex laughs.

If we move the rock back will some cosmic order be disturbed? Has moving rocks become against the law in an open space monitored by cameras and posted signs? Maybe the rock likes it here where someone has placed it?

We keep walking quickly through the crime scene.

This situation has man’s fingerprints all over it and I’m not feeling an overwhelming need to put things right.

I can live quite easily with things out of normal.

Not wanting to get involved is a perfectly normal thing to do these days.


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