If you want to know what people are looking for, count the cars in the parking lot. Tonight, the parking lot is packed. The dance floor is also packed,dancers barely having enough room to stand. The band is hitting their notes, ladies are dressed to kill,  the audience rocks with the steady booming salsa rhythm and yell when a tune is done for another one just like it. Latin music has hot harmony, high note trumpet playing, fluid solos and  tight, intricate, group ensembles. When Ladies get dressed up to dance salsa, they light up the dance floor and have smiles that are contagious. Tonight, this is a party to be at, especially if you are a little kid on the bandstand. I thought, at first,the little boy on the band stand was the son of a band member but was told his parents have been bringing him to sing and be on the stage since he was three. Watching the little boy sing with the band is worth the price of admission. It never hurts to start any passion early, before you are told you can’t do it and you best find something more serious to do with your time and energy.  
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