Casa Pueblo is one of the must see sights in Uruguay. The house is the art studio and home of one of Uruguay’s most famous artists – Carlos Paez  Vilaro. His biography calls him an abstract artist, painter, potter, sculptor, muralist, writer, composer, and constructor. He was born in 1923 in Montevideo and started drawing in 1939 at the ripe old age of 19. From humble beginnings, he created his life, as he found his way to live it, with friends all over the world. The Casa Pueblo is, in his own words, “His fight against straight lines.”  The home he made in Punta Ballena, in the 1950’s,  then a very remote place in Uruguay, was later expanded to include a museum, gift shop, restaurant, gallery, and studio. On film, in a sitting room at the entry to the historical site, the artist tells of his early life, his travels around the world. Coming from poverty, he identified with struggles for independence and was involved in music and culture of the barrios. He made films and played music. He was a Renaissance Man. These photos present him as a young man, and then an older man. One of his sons commented, at the time of his death, that “I hope he rests in peace. I’ve never seen a guy who works that much, and I mean it. He worked up until yesterday.” On the film, the artist calls work his peace. Give thanks to artists because they are explorers with candles who show us the way in the dark.  
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