Real estate is booming in San Pedro Town.  Jack says, ” if you own real estate and aren’t keeping it rented you are doing something wrong.” Chez Caribe is his old wood and concrete two story house. He lives upstairs and rents six small units downstairs, and, if the price is right, his place upstairs. Chez Caribe  looks like it should be in a Tennessee Williams play and is shaded by towering coconut trees that drop coconuts with a thud.  Old timers here have seen the town population rise by twenty five percent a year but the total of local residents is only ten thousand. Most of the wealth is brought here by pirates from the north ; bankers, salesmen, investors, double dippers, retirees, businessmen, gold diggers, treasure hunters,divers, real estate developers and land men, con artists, ex-pats. Tennessee Williams would have found some of his characters here but this place is not conflicted enough for his vision. A closer read for this truth would be Carl Hiasson or Jimmy Buffett where hedonism doesn’t come with a guilty conscience. I am staying behind door number 4 – the Chez Tortuga Suite.  Airbnb is a business model that lets people turn their own house into income and use space that would otherwise be wasted. It is nice afternoons to lounge on the front porch and wait for coconuts to drop, but you need insect repellent. I felt a mosquito land on my calf yesterday and once he filled up he could barely get back into the air. If  coconuts hit you on the head they will part your hair. Living in paradise comes with costs.
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