There is no lack of bars in San Pedro Town. They come and go like tourists. Some are successful over the long run and others collapse under their own weight. The Legend’s location is good, out in the countryside with an unimpeded view of the barrier reef at the end of a long sandy path. The new restaurant is going to feature barbecue and Kristi wants a clean bar, a bar ladies can feel safe, a bar without riffraff, a bar with bottom lines and profits. There will be live music and Special’s nights. Residents on the north side, many of whom don’t like to go to the south side, have already got a buzz going. Whether the town will support another watering hole is up to the drinking Gods, but Kristi has a plan, money, and drive. Working in the kitchen, we don’t even have to turn on fans to get good ventilation. The trade winds spin the blades for free. Painting in Belize today is just a lark. When you have worked with your hands for a living, it is hard to stay away from a construction project, even when you are just a volunteer.  
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