Walking the streets of the port district, you find hotels you might have stayed if you hadn’t rented a studio. It is human to comparison shop, wonder what that place or this place has to offer at what price. The two hotels within a block and a half of my studio are the Don Botique Hotel and the AK Design hotel. According to TripAdvisor, both establishments are clean, safe, well rated, offer free internet. The Don offers a regular breakfast while the AK has a Continental breakfast. Both places get good marks and both hotels have websites with visitor reviews. For the time I have been here, moving into high season, the price for a room for one adult for one night at the Don is $168.00 U.S. A night at the AK is $70.00 U.S. My studio is less than $30.00 U.S. per night. When I throw open shutters and walk out onto my little  balcony, I can see the Don. For price,privacy, quiet, and flexibility, I like the view better from where I am standing.  
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