This grocery is a find – the Frog Maxishop. It is on the Peatonal Perez Castellano, a pedestrian walkway that connects the Montevideo port on one end and the Montevideo Rambla on the other. When cruise ships are in port, it is on this street that cruisers shop.

Doing little cooking, it has become my custom to browse the Frog for microwave meals and deli items. More discriminating diners eat steaks in the Mercado, or the Parrillada Bar and Restaurant where locals watch soccer games on a small flat screen TV mounted on a wood shelf in a corner, near the ceiling, secured with a bungee cord.

This afternoon the Frog’s lunch special is Pollo a la Portuguese dishes that are pre-cooked and only need to be warmed before enjoying. The dish comes with rice and veggies and chicken, a nutritious meal.

It is busy in the grocery this morning and many in the neighborhood walk here to shop. Turistas, as well as locals, browse the aisles, price checking and reading labels.

Once I start shopping in a neighborhood grocery, I start to feel like I belong to a place.

I take a couple of the Portuguese dishes home.

Shopping beats cooking, any day, and finding what I need, this easy, is a major coup.





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