Golden Pride sells fried chicken, Bar- B- Que, burritos, red and green enchiladas, and, of course, a world famous cinnamon roll drowning on a plate in butter and icing.

This black vehicle is parked in front of the East Central Route 66 location and comes equipped with literature, philosophy, and Biblical principles. 

On the hood, the trunk, door panels, and bumpers is wisdom from the past. Good ideas are good regardless of the century they were penned.

Mark Twain has his way with words and ideas. The Bible is clear on its central points – Men are Sinners, Mankind has fallen, Temptation is  daily, Redemption is possible, Death can be conquered. There are consequences. Jesus is the Way.

Inside Golden Pride, I try to pinpoint the owner of this moving book but it could be most anyone in the restaurant.

New Mexico is odd that way. You can have a millionaire and a bum sitting at the same table and you can’t tell, from outward appearances, which one has the money.

I look for a group of college students as culprits. No one stands and calls me out for taking a photo of their Crunch car.

Diving into my cinnamon roll, it is certain that Mark Twain, as much as the Holy Bible, comes up with ideas I wish I had thought of.





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