Games of choice on the neighborhood streets seem to be dominoes and chess but I have also seen checkers and card games with money on the table. This street corner game, in progress,even has an official scorekeeper who shouts out the score at the end of each game and visits his cell phone often. Some of us pedestrians stop to watch. This is likely an ongoing game between friends who have money and/or bragging rights involved. The men don’t talk much. They slap their dominoes on the board when they make a play. When they shuffle the dominoes to start each new game in the series, it sounds like feet hitting the floor in a salsa dance. It is quitting time, with darkness starting to move in, and the most conspicuous thing missing is rum. When this tournament is over, the players and onlookers will go into the nearby colmado and take care of drinking business. It doesn’t cost much to sit on this corner. When one tournament is over, different players take seats at the table and start another. There is luck involved as well as skill. You can have good dominoes but it you don’t play them right they aren’t worth a damn No one says anything about my picture taking, and, I wouldn’t expect them too. These guys wives, and girlfriends, know where they are.  
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