Tonight, at the Marble Street Brewery, in Albuquerque,” Group Therapy” commands the stage. They rock out with ” Classic rock and roll “, blues, jazz , Latin, boogie woogie, funk, and even some gospel to keep the mood positive and the crowd seduced. As our sun plummets, the brew pubs tanks look almost heavenly and food trucks, parked out front at the curb, provide new and old age eats to the hungry audience. The brewery sells its own brand of brews that come with names like ” Lizard Tail , ”  Cactus Blossom, ” ” Marble Street Mirage” and they have started other locations in town as they begin their expansionary period. Kids, not old enough to play adult games, play with blocks in front of the establishment and the neighborhood hasn’t yet been overwhelmed by street people drifting in from third street to panhandle, urinate on storefronts, exchange numbers for free medical care, bump fists to show solidarity. At their drinking holes, Greeks discussed ” truth ” and ” beauty. ” Romans discussed  ” taxes, barbarians and the provinces”. ” Americans talk about ” 401K’s, gas prices, Trump, and whether you can have a country without borders. ” Kids, thank goodness, can play even in the worst of times and beer and music go together like salt and pepper.   
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