The odds for shooting a hole in one,for the average golfer,on par 3;s, are 12500 to 1. For professional golfers, the odds drop to 2500 to one In a tournament at the Tanoan Country Club, Scott beat the odds on the Acoma nine, #3, a 154 yard par 3 and shot his first hole in one after years of playing. Using a seven iron, my iron shot was high, straight, hit the frog hair in front of the green, bounced, rolled towards the pin, and fell into the cup. At first, none of our foursome realized what had happened but confirmed it on the green. Now, when I hit an iron into any green, I expect my shot to fall into the cup. Once you see you can do something, the odds of doing it again, increase. The odds against me getting another hole in one seem suddenly  bigger than they used to be. Does shooting a hole in one make you a professional?  
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