We aren’t talking Dr. Suess, but my Hat and Map belong in one of his books.

I don’t like maps because they are a pain to carry, unfold, find north without a compass. In the middle of a big city, with buildings making landmarks hard to see, a map, however, is often a relief when it helps you get where you need to go.

Landmarks in Cuenca are the Rio Tomebamba, the New Cathedral at Parque Calderone, the San Sebastion Church, the Dorado Panederia, the Mercado, the airport, the bus terminals north and south. The radius of my beginning walks is in an area called Centro Historico.

A hat and a map make good traveling company.

They don’t talk back, question decisions, or get tired.

As a traveler, looking at maps, spinning globes, surfing the net, talking to people who have been places, is part of what I do.

The bottom line, very simply, is – I hate it when my head gets sun burnt, and I hate to get lost.

Dr. Suess would understand.