On a Carol tip, this event celebrates the integration of foreign ex-pats into the Ecuadorian community. In a city leaning towards five hundred thousand there are estimates that twenty thousand Americans have relocated to Cuenca, not that many for Ecuadorians to be worried about. This event also celebrates foreign investment, transportation projects,and large business developments involving overseas partnerships. The festivities take several hours to set up, several hours to accomplish, and several hours to break down. When the speeches are over there is food served. In Ecuador, pork is popular. and, this afternoon, chickens and cattle drink at the same bar and toast the pig for taking their sword. Ex- pats bring money, know how, ideas to Cuenca but Ex-pats don’t always blend with Ecuadorian culture, language, or politics. Americans must bend to meet Ecuadorians, but Ecuadorians know change is inescapable. Their children have cell phones, surf the net, and live in a world turning into what their parents dread. People and ideas have always migrated  around our planet. Smart countries are always concerned about the quality and quantity of those who cross their borders.  
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