I haven’t seen many thumbs out in San Pedro Town. There are a few people moving in the rain but most of those out this morning are laborers pedaling bicycles to work,tourists driving special golf carts, and taxi’s running people to the airport from resorts and fancy lodgings. I want to catch a ride back to town, from the middle of nowhere, and a young man in a cart stops and asks if I want a ride. ” I’m Scott. ” ” I’m Roberto. ” On the ride he tells me he used to be a tour guide but works for the local Department of Fisheries and has the day off. His wife works in town and he recommends Elvie’s Kitchen as a good place for local food. If I need a golf cart he can get me one for $60.00 U.S. per day and If I need a piece of land, his father in law has some for sale way out north, almost as far as you can go. Last time he went to Nicaragua he was stopped for having tattoos and had to explain he was on a Christian mission and say his prayers to stay out of jail. It is a welcome ride and my feet thank me. When Roberto drops me off at the gas station, a quarter block from my front door, I slip him twenty bucks. ” Take your wife to dinner, ” I suggest. ” I’ll give it to my daughter, ” he decides. On an island with ten thousand permanent residents the chances are good you will run into everybody at least once a year whether you try to avoid them or not. Favors, anywhere, are easy to do and not easily forgotten.  
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