Ak’Bol was built into a business by a couple who came to Belize twenty years ago with a dream of nature, health, spirit, and capitalism. The entrance is not well announced and if you are driving you will zip right past in your sprint for bigger resorts on the north tip of Ambergris Caye. Along the new paved road north, Ak’Bol just has a simple sign, is a clearing in the jungle down a winding shady path to the Yoga Retreat. Sitting at the breakfast bar is a mix of young and old, long hair and no hair, hippie chicks and old men with pony tails who never let the sixties loose. I talk with a young woman who stands as she eats eggs benedict and tells me about her inner child and achieving adult battles and her boyfriend who is from Taos, likes to fish, and is on the pier in the moment. A couple to my right are checking e mails, Facebook, Google and nursing health drinks. The Ak’Bol menu has a section for drinks with alcohol, if you want them, and the coffee is Guatemalan. It is a  natural setting and, checking their website, affordable. Visitors seem friendly to talk with like minded souls. Food is moderately priced, and judging from empty plates- good. On my American Airlines flight from Dallas to Belize City I overheard a local telling visitors about places they might like to check out on the island. ” Ak’Bol is very good, ” he said.  ” The food is wonderful and the people are nice and the pier is a good place to snorkel the reef. ” I can see, on this visit, that reconciling your inner child and achieving adult is a herculean task for which yoga and eggs benedict is the best answer.
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