Two popular pastimes in San Pedro Town are Karaoke and Drinking. Since bars open early and close late, there is always a lot of drinking going on. Likewise, when karaoke starts and participants pick up a microphone, the singing, good, bad, and ugly, picks up like an afternoon squall.  There is an undercurrent here where what you think you hear is not always what you hear, what you see is not always as you see it, what you assume is often erroneous, what you plan goes astray. Poker cards in the hole are held closely and opportunities to leap without looking are always at hand. There are Spanish gold doubloons in a shipwreck out on the reef and all it takes to get them is a hundred thousand of your money. Wade, owner of Road Kill Bar, is painting this morning and his orange Karaoke sign advertises fun. Karaoke is a sign of our times where audience participation is the real star of the show. Make Believe is definitely more fun than not.
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