There are at least two hundred invited guests but anyone can join this wedding.. Wayos is a popular beach bar in San Pedro Town and Wayo, pronounced Y -oh, is a popular owner. When the groom arrives in a black golf cart limo, there is applause and cheers. As always, his bar is open and weather is uncooperative. It rains in spurts and people crowd under tents, roof overhangs, and in the bar to escape another torrential downpour. The wedding ceremony is short and the couple recites handwritten vows under a big tent overlooking the Caribbean Sea.. They promise to honor and cherish and encourage and support each other, and, in front of important people in their life, draw a big heart in the sand with their names inside it. Before, during, and after the ceremony, people re-connect.  It is a close knit group on this Isla Bonita and meeting people is not difficult here. When people come here they cast time and routine out of the boat and lifting anchors that hold them elsewhere. It is a good wedding and a happy time. Nature isn’t co-operating but another lady well wisher, standing next to me, tells me it is good luck to be married on a rainy day. If that is so, this couple will have enough luck to take care of all of us.
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