Growing up in the 1950’s, there were only three channels on our new black and white TV. The programming was sports, talent shows, westerns, game shows and nightly news.The broadcast day ended at midnight. In the 1960’s,Johnny Carson got people to stay up later and tucked his audiences into bed.

Back then, we went to our television sets like an older generation went to their radios before us and listened to TV anchors tell us ” how it was.”  In those days, we trusted our institutions to do what they said they were doing.

At Wal-Mart this morning, Scotttreks runs into a TV crew filming a segment for the local evening news. These days, entertainment and political corrctness saturate each nightly news story and finding truth comes in dead last.

ThIs news production, promoting a Wal Mart sponsored winter coat drive for kids, is only seconds long but takes a crew of five most of the morning to produce.

I don’t watch news anymore. 

News people want to do my thinking for me.

That, I believe, is my job.





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