Starbucks in my city are ubiquitous. For a couple of bucks for fresh coffee I can mingle with tech savvy people who lean towards globalism, free healthcare for all, living wage checks from Uncle Sam, electric cars.  This morning, in my local Starbucks parking lot, a horned toad occupies a Toyota car hood waiting for his chauffeur to bring him a Frappe. The truck has a locked security cover over its bed because Albuquerque is a  “Breaking Bad ” city and wise people here lock their doors, always. Crime, these days, is on all our lip’s but the conditions that breed crime here won’t  be fixed soon. Crime was once a morality problem but it is now talked about as an economic/social problem. Our Mayor assures us that If we pump enough money towards our crime and homeless issues, and do better with rehabilitation, things will be hunky dory. This little guy doesn’t nod at me as I go by. He reminds me of a green gecko I once glued to the hood of my painter’s truck, a synthetic stuccoed Mitsubishi ” Mighty Max. ”  He reminds of the beautiful  green gecko on the front porch screen door of my  quarters in Ms. Sue’s Haiti Children’s Home. Why, I keep wondering, do I keep running into the same things, the same people, the same ideas, in different places, across time?  I’m sure this horned toad has an answer, but this morning he doesn’t share it. If a horned toad likes Frappes,though, I’m believing I should give them a try. Trying to get through the day without coffee, for horned toads and humans, is fraught with disappointment.  
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