Sitting in this Albuquerque McDonalds feels like sitting inside the Diner in the 1942 Edward Hopper oil painting – ” Nighthawks. ” Early this morning, Javier is busy cleaning this fast food franchise made of glass, plastic, tile, low voltage lights, lightweight chairs and tables, all under the ubiquitous corporate  logo – M. Javier works diligently, methodically, pulling tools out of his maintenance closet by the soft drink machines where homeless fill up yesterday’s paper cups with today’s free soda. He greets us in Spanish and opens the door at five when we queue for coffee. Javier soaps his windows,then carefully uses a squeegee to remove the soap from the glass. He cleans his squeegee with a rag he pulls out of his back pocket.  He looks for imperfections as he goes and his windows are a work of art. Big business, some say, is good for America. Big business, others say, has turned us into a plutocracy.. Edward Hopper’s painting seems comforting this morning, less stark than our present situation. Clean windows in a dirty world are a thing of beauty.  
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