If it crawls, slides, slips, flips,slithers, climbs, it is not safe. At “99”, in Albuquerque, there are selections to fit Chinese tastes. Today, Ruby  has a taste for seafood, and, lifting up a black cloth, she goes after blue and white colored crabs that try to escape the small plastic tub that holds them for display. The crabs that run from her the fastest are the ones she grabs in her prongs and puts, with help, into her open plastic bag. For meat and poultry she likes Sprouts. The meats at “99”, she says in basic English, are old and not good. I don’t care for tree fungus, but find noodles tolerable. Worms are offensive. The most difficult skill is to eat soup with chopsticks. Americans eat meat, potatoes, bread, hamburgers, french fries, sugar, salt. Chinese eat seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts and rice. The crabs try to hurt us with their scissor hands but they are no match for Ruby’s prongs.  
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