Going out without an umbrella is taking a risk in San Pedro Town. Rain is forecast and today doesn’t disappoint. A woman, passing in a golf cart, waves back at me while I video this drenching. The storm is over in fifteen minutes. It gets hot and humid as water begins to evaporate, flows into low spots, and soaks into sandy soil. Residents love rain and talk ruefully about dry season. ” In summer, ” they remind me, ” you would sell your own mother for a rain like this. ” My mother would be the first to tell me to enjoy this moment today. When the rain is done, I head back to my lodgings, walking down a dirt path that looks like an aerial view of Minnesota’s 11,884 lakes. Not even a mother knows where her kid’s will end up and what they will or won’t accomplish. Life, as a puddle swallows my right tennis shoe and rain water soaks my tennis socks, is mostly a blessing, as long as we feel it that way.  
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